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Welcome to the intextual.com Ad Network!

The intextual.com advantage provides a high yield, space saving tool that won't disrupt the flow of your website or blog. Our exclusive targeting technology matches contextually appropriate keywords within your site's content to relevant advertisements for seamless marketing. All pages are scanned in real-time, so the ads keep pace with any site modifications. Other companies use static systems; we prefer to adapt to our surroundings and deliver the right ads every time.

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  • Popular plug ins for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and Drupal

What is intextual.com Advertising?

Users frequently complain about intrusive ads ruining their browsing experience, but publishers rely on marketing to furnish free content. Thankfully, intextual.com advertising gives publishers the opportunity to make money without irritating site visitors. Our program pinpoints suitable keywords and discreetly links them up with related ads. The ad-laden keywords are clearly distinguishable from regular text because they appear as double underlined hyperlinks. When the user's mouse hovers over them, a small ad materializes on the screen. If the user decides to click on the ad, that's money in your pocket. Otherwise, the user navigates away from the linked keywords; the ad vanishes, and the user continues exploring the site.

How Can I Generate Revenue from intextual.com Advertising?

First, complete the digital application form. Once you're approved, you will receive payment each time a unique user clicks on one of the intextual.com ads. Your site's size doesn't matter. As long as you own a website, you can become a publisher today.

How Much do Publishers Make Per Click?

Online publishers collect a 60/40 per click revenue share.

Monetize Your Content

Start tailoring your content for advertising purposes and watch your earnings skyrocket!

No Wasted Space

Website real estate is valuable to publishers. intextual.com respects both publishers and users by providing a non-invasive alternative marketing method that requires zero adjustments to your site's layout.