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Advertiser Resource Guide

intextual.com ensures advertisers find the right combination to develop a lucrative campaign. The following products are available in plain text or with display images. Enjoy effortless optimization as our sophisticated system strategizes for you.

Already an AdSense customer? No problem! Working with intextual.com alongside AdSense doesn't violate Google's terms of service. Expand your reach to an additional network via an inexpensive cost per click (CPC) solution.

Text Ad

This no-frills format is the industry standard unit. Ads feature text-only---no images, no distractions. Ideal for straight-forward product promotion or generalized branding.

Text with Image

Combines engaging text with vivid graphics to create an eye-catching call to action that's impossible to ignore.

Why advertise with the intextual.com network?

Subtle Marketing Perks Consumer Curiosity

Almost every web user is familiar with the traditional digital advertising techniques, i.e. banners, pop ups, pop unders, etc. These platforms are so familiar that some consumers end up tuning them out. intextual.com ads represent a groundbreaking medium because they appear inside actual content. Users will undoubtedly notice the double linked text, and they'll want to know what sets it apart from the rest.

Targeted Advertising Yields Quality Traffic

intextual.com uses cutting edge Semantic Technology to browse through your site's content and select suitable keywords. This process helps filter out disinterested viewers. Users are going to view your ads because they want to learn more about a word or phrase. Interested consumers boost conversion rates tenfold.

Clicks Count, Impressions Don't

There's nothing worse than paying for useless traffic. We're not interested in wasting your money; that's why we operate on a pay per click basis instead of charging for impressions. If the user doesn't click through to your site, you don't owe us anything. Period.

Stop Click Fraud Before It Starts

Unfortunately, click fraud is rampant in the internet advertising arena. That's why we partnered with ClickForesnics.com, a leading traffic quality management service. They screen out all the bad guys, from bots to disreputable IPs. Plus, our database receives daily updates on suspicious activity to protect you from worthless traffic.

Track Your Conversions

Get accurate data on your conversion rates or sales stats with our tracking pixel. Results appear in real time, so you'll be able to assess your campaign's performance at any time.